Addis Ababa, April 5, 2016 (ETBC) The Ethiopian Trading Businesses Corporation (ETBC) was established with more than 3.8 billion birr capital after the merger of four public enterprises.

The establishment of the Corporation helps to stabilize local market, carry out integrated business activities, put in place accountability and to efficiently exploit the capacity of the enterprises.

Corporation’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mengistu Kebede, told ENA that the Corporation is mandated to distribute and supply crops, vegetables and fruits to domestic and overseas markets.

The merger helps the enterprises to contribute their share for the economic growth of the country, he added. The Ethiopian Trading Enterprise (Alle Bejimal), Ethiopian Grain Trade Enterprise (EGTE), Ethiopian Procurement Service Enterprise and Ethiopian Fruit and Vegetables Marketing Share Company (Etfruit) were the enterprises merged to form ETBC.

Source:- Fana Brodcasting Corporate (FBC)